Rangers Lead ALCS 1-1

Okay, so I know the ALCS is tied 1-1. The Rangers really should be 2-0, if it wasn’t for the debacle of an 8th inning in game 1. In nearly every other facet of the game save the bullpen, the Rangers have been better than the Yankees (I’m Ian’s rundown…he was trying to be aggressive and it didn’t work…and Elvis’s dropped ball that didn’t go as an error…most shortstops wouldn’t have gotten anywhere close to that ball). The plan was for this to be a 7-game series, splitting the first homestand, winning with Cliff, stealing a second, and then winning 2 at home. That plan is still intact.

Let’s see if the Rangers can keep it up in NY. Everyone is talking about Cliff Lee, but seem to forget that Andy Pettite is the winningest post season pitcher ever.

The other reason the Rangers lead is because of payroll. No one EVER talks about this and it drives me nuts. Maybe the players union and the league have asked the media not to mention it. When the season began, the New York payroll was $206 million. The Rangers payroll was $55 million. The Yankees payroll was 4 times as much as the Rangers.

Also, the two highest paid Yankees are CC and A-Fraud, who get paid $25 million and $33 million, respectively. The salary of just one pitcher and one shortstop exceeded the entire Rangers payroll! As a comparison, it would take the salaries of the top 4 paid Rangers on the playoff roster to equal A-Fraud’s salary (Michael Young= $13m, Cliff Lee= $9m, Jorge Cantu (seriously?)= 6m, and Vlad Guerrero= 5.5m). (In fairness, Harden and Guzman have big salaries, too, but they didn’t make the postseason roster.)

Granted, that was at the beginning of the season. Here is a better comparison.

* The 25-man postseason payroll of the Rangers is $64 million.
* Only 4 pitchers make more than $1million (three of them are starters).
*  Three members of the bullpen are rookies, and seven make right around the league minimum.
* Only one player makes more than $10m (Michael Young).
* Prior to this season, only Vlad, Darren Oliver, Bengie Molina, and Cliff Lee had playoff experience.

* The 25-man postseason payroll of the Yankees is $190 million.
* Only 5 pitchers make more than $1 million, but they all make more than $10m.
* As best as I can tell, the Yankees only have one rookie on the team.
*  10 Yankees make more than $10m. 6 make more than $15m. 4 make more than $20m. 1 makes more than $30m.
* 14 Yankees on the ALCS roster won a World Series ring last year.  Three more players have playoff experience. That leaves only eight Yankees who had never been to the playoffs.

So, yeah, can the Rangers get some love for playing great ball at a significant discount?


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